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HR – 6 qualities good art teachers should have

Hiring a good art teacher is an important HR process as the ability for students to benefit from their art classes will highly be dependent on the ability of their teacher to deliver the course content in a fun and engaging way to ensure the students enjoy the class and most importantly learn how to tap into their art potential.

Therefore, when hiring an art teacher you should look out for the 6 qualities below.

1 They should have an engaging personality

For an art teacher to be able to enhance the learning outcomes of his/her art students, they must have an engaging personality that enables them to interact well with their students. This will entail holding the attention of the students, encouraging them to express themselves and motivating them to be the best they can be.

2 They should always have clear objectives

A good teacher is not just one who will be focused on completing the curriculum delivery during the stipulated time frame, they need to have clear objectives which include ensuring that students grasp the content and even start pursuing their artistic talents.

3 They should have effective discipline skills

One of the most important skills a good teacher must possess is those of effective discipline. This is the kind of discipline that is not meant to be punitive but rather helps in promoting positive behaviors among the students.

4 They should have great management skills

Art teachers will often have responsibilities outside of class such as planning, organizing and managing various arts events in the school. It’s therefore important for a teacher to have great management skills that will enable them discharge duties that are beyond just teaching.

5 They should have good communication skills

Communication skills will come in handy for an art teacher not only in their interaction with their students but also in their interactions with parents. Good teachers should be able to follow up on the progress of their students with parents as they encourage them to ensure their kids are encouraged to pursue their talents at home.

6 They should have high expectations

A good teacher is one who will always have high expectations for his/her students as they desire for them to be the best and not mediocre. This high expectation will ensure that they constantly push their students to be the best they can be.

As a HR personnel in the process of recruiting, if you come across a teacher who possess these qualities you’d better hire them on the spot as they are the best placed to bring the best out of the art class in your school.

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