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These are the 4 key qualities of good art

Both artists and art enthusiasts should be able to tell the difference between good art and bad art however this is never easy especially if you don’t know how to evaluate art. Whereas seasoned artists and art enthusiasts may have been able to build this skill over time, new entrants in art may have difficulty evaluating art at first.

If you fall in the latter category, you need not worry because this article will give you insights on the key qualities to look out for when determining good art.

These are the 4 key qualities of good art.

1 The art should be visually appealing

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Good art should be visually appealing. In short, when evaluating it, it should meet the standards of artistic beauty. In as much as every individual has the freedom to determine what’s beautiful, the same may not apply in art because art pieces have to be able to achieve specific fundamental aspects in order for it to be considered as beautiful. This notwithstanding, at the end of the day, it’s the viewer who will decide whether they think the art is visually appealing to them.

2 The art must display the use of skill and technique

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Every artist has their own sense of style and this usually comes out in their use of skill and technique. As you are evaluating the quality of a piece of art, you should be able to identify the skillfulness of the artist through the quality of their work as well as how they compare with other art pieces in a similar category. You will always notice that some art pieces will stand out more than others.

3 The inherent meaning in the art

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Good art is never just about achieving visual appeal but also passing out a communication. Behind the visual appeal is visual stimulation as the art will inspire you to think and dig deeper as it elicits some form of emotion. Usually, most art will challenge some preconceived ideas or even make political statements. Good art is therefore judged by its ability to draw inherent meaning.

4 The art should be unique

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Art is one of the main areas that require uniqueness because artistes mainly use their art to communicate how they view the world and no two people view the world the same. Therefore any art piece that is not unique is not good art because it means that it has been plagiarized hence it’s not genuine. All good art must be 100 per cent unique even when an artist is giving their own take to another artists work.

At the end of the day good art should be the kind of art that appeals to both art enthusiasts who understand how to judge it and laymen who don’t understand how to judge it but they just feel drawn to it because it’s a piece of skillful work. Art should be more than just visual appeal and more about mental stimulation.

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