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The top 5 popular art forms

Art is a very wide field with different art forms each with their own sets of aficionados. Since the renaissance period when art truly gained global appreciation, art has morphed in many ways thanks to artists exploring their creativity and art enthusiasts willing to give artists leeway to explore their creativity by appreciating emerging arts.

This article will look at the top 5 popular art forms and what makes them popular.

1 Painting

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Painting is considered among the oldest art forms as its origin can be traced back to the Neanderthal era. Paintings however became more popular during the renaissance era when society began to develop a deeper appreciation for art. Paintings are mostly two dimensional mostly depending on the artist’s use of technique and will often be done on a canvas, paper, wood or cloth. The material an artist uses to pain will depend on their personal preference as well as their choice of painting surface.

2 Print

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Print is a form of art that has also been in existence for some time and it’s one of the art forms that have morphed significantly as a result of artists adopting different emerging technologies in the print industry. Prints are mostly two dimensional though some artists have been exploring with three dimensional art pieces, some through using visual illusion whereas others using technology that enables creating of three dimensional prints.

3 Drawing

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Drawings also fall under the category of oldest forms of art because their origin can be traced to prehistoric times. This two dimensional form of art has morphed over the years as various advancements in paper, pens and pencils, ink, crayons, and other drawing material, and even in digital technology has enhanced the way artists produce their art pieces today.

4 Photography

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Photography can be considered as among the newest forms of art which emerged with the emergence of camera technology. This art form has continued to morph with the advancement of camera, print and computer technology, as they mostly go hand in hand. This art form is considered to be easier to get into than others because it doesn’t require talent in the traditional sense as compared to the other forms of art and this is the reason for its rapid growth in popularity.

5 Crafts

25 - The top 5 popular art forms

Crafts can also be traced back to prehistoric times but it mostly began flourishing between the 19th and 20th centuries. Many art forms fall under the category of crafts because they entail utility items made by hand that have aesthetic appeal therefore require good craftsmanship however, due to economies of scale, many crafts today are produced using mechanized processes.

There are many other popular forms of art but these are what we consider as the 5 most popular art forms globally.

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