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5 types of photography print in art

We have briefly covered the subject photography in one of our previous posts and as a recap we established thatphotography can be considered as among the newest forms of art which emerged with the emergence of camera technology and has continued to morph with the advancement in camera, print and computer technology, as they mostly go hand in hand. This art form is considered to be easier to get into than others because it doesn’t require talent in the traditional sense as compared to the other forms of art and this is the reason for its rapid growth in popularity.

In this article we’ll look at 5 types of photography print in art.

1 Cibachrome print

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The cibachrome print is basically a type of color print which is produced from a negative. This type of print will often be rich in color and it’s believed to have more longevity because the dyes used to print on the surface are usually amalgamated into the emulsion before it’s transferred onto the print surface.

2 Digital print

32 - 5 types of photography print in art

Digital prints have become very popular today because they have made printing much faster, easier and much improved in quality. The process is done digitally through a computer and a printer, where the image is transferred from the camera onto the computer and a few adjustments can be made on the image using computer software before the final print is made. Digital printing can be done on various surfaces from cloth, to paper to glassware and so on.

3 Estate print

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Estate print is a type of printing that is often done posthumously and it will mainly be done from original negatives from a photographer’s collection hence it has to be commissioned by his/her estate. It’s however worth noting that prints that are produced under such circumstances generally don’t hold much value in comparison to original work from an artist.

4 Photo etching

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Photo etching is a type of printing that falls under the category of intaglio printing technique whereby an image will be placed on a metal plate which will then be coated using material that is light sensitive as well as resistant to acid. Once this is done, the plate will be exposed to light and this will result in the reproduction of a photographic image.

5 Photogram print

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A photogram print will be created by taking an object and placing it on a photosensitive paper and briefly exposing it to light. This will result in the object leaving its imprint on the paper.

As an artist looking to experiment with different print methods, this could be a really good place to start as you get to learn a lot about printing technologies as you work on identifying a niche that best suits your style.

We’d love to hear your take on this topic.