About Us

a1 - About Us

Visual Archive is an online magazine that brings together artistes as well as those people who are passionate about art but not necessarily artistes through sharing art and content about art.You can consider this as a website for art enthusiasts. Our goal is to create better understanding and appreciation for art by sharing well researched and curated information, insights and trends on everything to do with art. It’s our writers’ mission to ensure that every aspect about art is covered through well written and articulated articles.

This magazine is open to both aspiring, amateur and professional artistes as we will ensure that there is content for everyone. First time buyers of art as well as seasoned art buyers will also get to benefit from the insights we have to share. We desire to have a platform that also acts as an art market that links artistes with buyers.

We welcome you to join us as we share and grow our passion for art with you.


Marlene Wuckert – Founder, Visual Archive